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Agile Lexicon Term: Sprint

Sprint – a short development circle time boxed to typically two week periods in which the development works to complete the user stories they committed to during Sprint Planning.

The last question I ask in an interview

The Last Question I Ask in an Interview

When I interview developers I ask a lot of questions.  They tell me about the developer’s background, their aptitude and their ability to fit culturally within the team.  There’s one …

agile lexicon

Agile Lexicon Term: Sprint Backlog

Sprint Backlog – the collection of user stories committed to by the development team during the “How” meeting of Sprint Planning.

How to groom user stories.

How to Groom User Stories

User stories start their lives as an unruly mess.  They often have just the briefest of descriptions, no direction and no vision for what they will be when they mature …

Stop Multitasking

The Terrible Cost of Multi-tasking

Very simply I want to illustrate the impact of multi-tasking.  It has an impact on value delivered as well as satisfaction from stakeholders and customers.  My very simple model consists …

Capturing your backlog

Capturing a Backlog of User Stories

An effective Agile shop starts with a well groomed backlog of user stories.  This means collecting all of the user stories the organization is asking for into the backlog.  But …

Burn-down Chart Example

What is a Scrum burn-down chart?

I was first introduced to burn-down charts without knowing that’s what I was seeing.  I was attending a monthly chapter meeting of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the guest …


Article Recommendation: What are Story Points? By Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn has a great introduction to the concept of story points and how to think about them on his blog at It is a brief introduction that gives a …

What is a Scrum Master?

What is a Scrum Master?

The Role of the Scrum Master The Scrum Master is responsible for keeping the process of Scrum flowing.  They are the ones that facilitate the Ceremonies of Scrum, Maintain the …

What is Scrum

Scrum Meaning – What is the definition of Scrum?

The Short Version Scrum is an agile methodology primarily focused on the delivery of software that increases the value of a product or organization. The Long Version Scrum breaks the …