They Made me an Offer I had to Refuse

Months ago I put my name in the hat to participate in the early release of Google Glass.  I got an invitation via email this week to participate in the “Glass Explorer Program”. Pretty exciting huh? The conditions of participation listed in the email were: All Glass Explorers must: Be US residents Be 18 years or older[…]

Agile Development: Whoa! What do you mean there aren’t any requirements?

If you told a traditional project manager that they’d be running a project where the requirements amounted to a statement of, “I want a website to sell widgets to anonymous customers via the Internet.” They’d probably head for the hills. However, in Agile development, high level statements like this or user stories are the key[…]

Super Simple Technique to Keep on Top of your Email

Does your total inbox message count number in the thousands?  Is it your defacto place to keep every email you’ve ever received?  If so you’re in good company.  Most of the people I know simply accumulate every message they recieve in the inbox and when it becomes necessary to find something important they use the search feature to find it.  I approached email management this way for years. […]