DAY 4: Xamarin Mobile App Coding

No coding today.  Instead I spent time pondering how to structure the local SQLite database and web services for synchronization between the decice and the central data repository. The only local database that will be close to the central database in terms of data will be the market listing database but it will still only Read more about DAY 4: Xamarin Mobile App Coding[…]

DAY 3: Mobile App Coding with Xamarin

Frustrating morning.  PC crashed.  Spent all the time I had in recovery.  Will try again tonight. —————– Much better luck this evening.  Implemented a placeholder web service for market listings and integrated it with the Android application. Right now the market values are hard coded but the will be placed in a SQL server database Read more about DAY 3: Mobile App Coding with Xamarin[…]

DAY 2: Mobile App Coding with.Xamarin

Today I extended the application I began building yesterday.  For local data storage I have settled on SQLite.  It will act as the local data repository and will be synched with the server database, most likely SQL server. I implemented several class objects including:market, character, and plot.  The SQLite ORM allows these objects to connect Read more about DAY 2: Mobile App Coding with.Xamarin[…]

DAY 1: Mobile App Coding With Xamarin

Today I began the construction of my first mobile application using Xamarin and Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. The purpose of the app is to be a niche networking app for writers.  The functional feature I have identified so far consist of: – View a list of markets that publish writing. – View the details Read more about DAY 1: Mobile App Coding With Xamarin[…]