Bees and Ants in Agile? Swarming for Problem Solving

One of the key underpinnings of Agile is the concept that the things that have the most value go first.  In Business as Usual conditions this means items land in the backlog, receive grooming, get prioritized by the business, and wait their turn in the On Deck queue for the development team.  Happy happy! But[…]

What’s in the Cloud? Competing offerings from Amazon and Microsoft.

The Players At this time both Amazon and Microsoft are offering Cloud services with pay as you go pricing.  Amazon seems to currently have a higher adoption rate with some key entities such as Netflix, McDonald’s, the CDC, and Dow Jones running on the Amazon platform.  To me, Netflix specifically speaks to the quality of[…]

Be Slackers! Collaboration Done Right.

Hello #Slackers! Slack has quickly become one of my go to tools for communication.  It’s more streamlined than email.  It parses conversations out into easy to organize channels and it brings together teams large and small.  It really takes team collaboration up a notch. During a Sprint, Slack can catapult productivity into higher orbit but[…]

Top Five Books for Software Development Professionals

Code Complete Steve McConnell The foundation of your library could do worse than to start with Code Complete.  This book guides you from the basics of code convention and standards step by step through more advanced architectural comprehension.  Once you’ve read it cover to cover it will become an indispensable reference. Many coders have used[…]