Book Review: Job Escape Plan By Jyotsna Ramachandran

I’ve listened to Job Escape Plan by Jyotsna Ramachandran numerous times in the last year.  I first selected it as a recommendation from (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks) based on my past selections. At first I was a bit put off by how the narrative translated to audio.  The voice talent just didn’t[…]

How to Create a Simple File Compression and Decompression with .Net

Overview This example is an illustration of using Native .Net features to perform file compression and decompression.  Inputs are simple strings that can represent both directories and files. User Story As a developer I want a library that can compress or decompress the input I specify to the output location I specify so that I[…]

How to Create an AWS RDS MySQL Instance for WordPress Websites

Overview If you are hosting a WordPress website with Amazon, either through AWS Lightsail or AWS EC2 you will sleep better at night with a more robust database solution than a local MySQL database running on your web server instance. This How To post will walk you through setting up an AWS RDS instance to[…]

Answered: What is Git?

Overview of Git Git is a Version Control Management System (VCMS).  The most popular use for it is to manage source code for software development projects but it can be used to manage any type of computer files. It was built initially to support development of Linux and focused on speed and scalability as it’s[…]

Ten Website Commandments

Why are the commandments significant? When you launch a website there are ten inviolate commandments to follow for success.  They will keep you from struggling with having a poor user experience, being unable to quickly recover from a disaster, and being irrelevant and having zero traffic.  Ignore these commandments at your own peril! Thou Shalt[…]

Launch Day

I launched a marketing experiment today.  I’m testing as a marketing platform for my “Done For You” professional website package.  I listed the offering in three cities Birmingham, AL, Savannah GA, and Charleston SC. The only difference between the three postings is the first 1 – 2 words in the title. Birmingham – Business Website[…]

Book Review – Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Do you enjoy the fine art of negotiation?  Do you like testing your skill against a skilled opponent?  Do you want to build your negotiating repertoire and feel you’ve achieved the best deal possible when bargaining? I do.  Negotiation has always been a pursuit that I have enjoyed and a skill I have sought to[…]

Small Business Website – Why it’s Still Important

With the flood of social media into everyone’s lives it’s easy to dismiss a small business website as yesterday’s news.  I mean, come on, everyone’s on social media now right?  Who visits a small business website? The answer is the customers most likely to be ready to do business to you.  A search for your[…]

Answered: How to Unlock a Domain for Transfer, GoDaddy Edition

Overview These steps show you how to unlock a domain that you have hosted with GoDaddy so it can be transferred to Obsidian Web Hosting.  The list is short and they are easy to follow. Let’s get started. Manage Domain Log into your GoDaddy account and select “My Products”.  The first section you see on[…]