Answered: What is Git?

Overview of Git Git is a Version Control Management System (VCMS).  The most popular use for it is to manage source code for software development projects but it can be used to manage any type of computer files. It was built initially to support development of Linux and focused on speed and scalability as it’s[…]

Git Secrets: How to Create a new Repository from a Sub-directory

I’ve recently run across an interesting challenge in some historical source code repositories.  These repositories did not begin their lives in Git and are arranged so that independent products are in sub-directories under a root parent directory.  This means, any time anyone clones the repository they get a ton of unneeded source code that goes[…]

“Git” Outta Here!

My journey to a new Source Control Repository technology mastery is well under way.  Recently I’ve made the leap from Team Foundation Source Control to Git.  The move comes after much consideration on my part.  Why change?  Doesn’t Team Foundation Server do pretty much the same as Git?  Is it really worth the upheaval to change everything over to a Git repository?


I struggled with all of these questions.  Eventually I was won over by the undeniably huge acceptance of Git in both the open source and private development communities, the branching flexibility of Git, and the just downright speediness Git. […]