AWS Explained: What is EFS?

What is Elastic File System? Amazon’s EFS service provides file storage in the cloud.  You are probably wondering why Amazon would have two services for file storage.  Isn’t S3 the same thing? S3 is about storing and retrieving fairly static files; documents, images, video, and even static HTML.  S3 is very efficient for distributing the Read more about AWS Explained: What is EFS?[…]

AWS Explained: What is EC2?

Web servers, application servers, file servers, and more! These are the types of infrastructure that EC2 offers.  If you currently have a physical server it can be made virtual and housed in Amazon’s cloud via EC2.  If you are looking for an off the shelf solutions Amazon offers plenty of those via EC2 as well. Read more about AWS Explained: What is EC2?[…]

Join the Cloud, Setup an Amazon Web Services Account Today!

How to Get Started If you want to get started with Amazon Web Services you are going to need an account.  Here are the steps to make that happen. Where is it? Amazon Web Services, AWS, is available online at  Point your favorite browser to that link and you’re ready to get started. What Read more about Join the Cloud, Setup an Amazon Web Services Account Today![…]


Be Slackers! Collaboration Done Right.

Hello #Slackers! Slack has quickly become one of my go to tools for communication.  It’s more streamlined than email.  It parses conversations out into easy to organize channels and it brings together teams large and small.  It really takes team collaboration up a notch. During a Sprint, Slack can catapult productivity into higher orbit but Read more about Be Slackers! Collaboration Done Right.[…]