Five Facts I’ve Learned About Web Design

Here are five of the most important facts about web design I’ve learned in my seventeen year career. Keep them in mind and you will have a better web product for it. One: JavaScript is important JavaScript is here to stay.  It’s close to universal on client browsers in use today.  With people desiring a Read more about Five Facts I’ve Learned About Web Design[…]

Getting Started with jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is the balm that soothes the headaches of mobile platform developers.  It provides a way for developers to build a single code base that functions consistently on the most common mobile platforms.  At this time jQuery Mobile supports iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry, bada, Windows Phone, palm webOS, symbian and MeeGo.  This list represents a majority of the mobile platforms and devices in the market today.  Products developed with jQuery mobile will have a broad audience ready to consume them.

Even better, developers have only to build one version of their application.  Once it is constructed for jQuery mobile there is no need to write it again for any of the other mobile platforms.  A jQuery Mobile application runs consistently on any of the platforms previously mentioned.  This lessens the time developers spend learning the nuances of a platform and allows them to commit more time to the development of their applications.