Bees and Ants in Agile? Swarming for Problem Solving

One of the key underpinnings of Agile is the concept that the things that have the most value go first.  In Business as Usual conditions this means items land in the backlog, receive grooming, get prioritized by the business, and wait their turn in the On Deck queue for the development team.  Happy happy! But Read more about Bees and Ants in Agile? Swarming for Problem Solving[…]

Finding Joy in Efficient Design

I’m currently working on a system that has several interesting problems to solve. One of the problems I tackled this weekend was how to select random members from a set one at a time until the set is exhausted. All members must be selected and no member selection can be duplicated until the entire set Read more about Finding Joy in Efficient Design[…]