Top Five Books for Software Development Professionals

Code Complete Steve McConnell The foundation of your library could do worse than to start with Code Complete. ¬†This book guides you from the basics of code convention and standards step by step through more advanced architectural comprehension. ¬†Once you’ve read it cover to cover it will become an indispensable reference. Many coders have used[…]

Agile Development: Whoa! What do you mean there aren’t any requirements?

If you told a traditional project manager that they’d be running a project where the requirements amounted to a statement of, “I want a website to sell widgets to anonymous customers via the Internet.” They’d probably head for the hills. However, in Agile development, high level statements like this or user stories are the key[…]

Chewy Chunks of Software

The chunk is manageable and fulfilling!

When developing software you have to bite off only what you can chew. An iteration allows you to divide your development efforts into chunks. Each chunk delivers a functional set of features that add value to the application. Better yet, the chunk contains only the functionality that the developers and stakeholders agree can be delivered in a specified time frame and still add value.

Bite off only what you can chew!
The process starts by accumulating a list of everything the stakeholders could possibly want the application to do. This is the menu. Next comes the selection. The stakeholders and development team determine the time frame in which the chunk will be delivered. Is this a quick lunch or a seven course meal? Once that is agreed upon stakeholders and developers negotiate what can feasibly be included in the time frame.