Five Facts I’ve Learned About Web Design

Here are five of the most important facts about web design I’ve learned in my seventeen year career. Keep them in mind and you will have a better web product for it. One: JavaScript is important JavaScript is here to stay.  It’s close to universal on client browsers in use today.  With people desiring a[…]

Choosing the Right HTML Editor for you!

All good websites begin life as an idea in the mind of their creators. Getting those ideas out into the world requires the use of an HTML editor. Selecting the proper editor is not a decision to be taken lightly. The editor you begin with will influence you in many subtle ways. You will begin to develop habits around the specific eccentricities of your editor.

If you are to spend any amount of time building websites your HTML editor will be where you spend a significant amount of time. If it doesn’t meet your needs or causes you frustration you are going to be miserable.


Stop Building Ugly Web Sites, Read “CSS: The Missing Manual”

Let’s face it. There are PLENTY of ugly websites out on the Internet today. Don’t add to the mess! You can build an appealing web site that is maintainable. By learning CSS you can improve your website designs and ease your maintenance efforts. CSS is a deep topic that requires some focused effort to understand and put to use. One of the best resources I have found to assist you in this effort is CSS: The Missing Manual.


A Study in CSS

I have recently set out to improve my skill in Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. The motivation to do so comes from a desire to build web pages that look more appealing than the sites I have built in the past. I’m not a complete novice when it comes to CSS. I’ve been sprinkling it through my web pages for the last few years, mainly at the tag level but never with a unified approach throughout an entire site.

The closest I’d come to a unified approach with CSS had been those style sheets that Visual Studio generated when I used Web Project templates to build a site. My patchwork approach produced patchwork results. The elements that I applied styling to looked great but the rest of the elements looked like dogs. I needed a more comprehensive approach.