If you read blogs with any frequency then you’ve seen it. Comment SPAM. This nasty trend is all the rave among modern day snake oil salesmen peddling everything from two hour weight loss to cheap drugs from Canada. It’s everywhere and if you are running a WordPress based website it’s only a matter of time before you’re dealing with it as well.

The good news is there’s a strong contender in the fight against SPAMMERS. The WordPress plugin Akismet is a powerful way to defend against this kind of garbage showing up in your comments.

Setting up Akismet is easy. From your plugins page on WordPress select “Add New” and search for Akismet. Once you’ve found it select the “Install Now” option. WordPress will install the new plugin and notify you when it is complete.

Next, select the “Activate Plugin” link for Akismet. You will see a notification that you need to provide an API to complete your activation. You can register for your API key at Akismet.com. Once you’ve received your key return to the Akismet plugin settings page on your WordPress site and enter it in the appropriate field.

Save your settings and you are ready to go.

From time to time it’s entertaining to check your statistics on the plugin page and see just how much SPAM Akismet has blocked for you.

Trust me, it will bring a smile to your face.

SPAM in comments is becoming worse everyday. You can combat it effectively if you use the right tools. Akismet is one of those tools that works very well in stopping the flood of SPAM on the Internet today.

Question: What are some of the interesting SPAM comment subjects you have seen?

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