My wife and I are firmly entrenched iPhone users. We have been for several years now. We like the features and we’re familiar with how iPhones work. In other words, we’re not likely to change any time soon.

Our daughter on the other hand…

She uses an Android tablet and phone. This choice isn’t one she made against her mother and me. It isn’t even a preference for the technology. It’s based on the decision my wife and I made not to entrust an eleven year old with hundreds of dollars of mobile technology.

You see, we’re not providing this technology as a reward or entertainment. She has a need to use the tablet for school related projects. The phone is a safety measure. We want her to be able to make contact with us when she’s participating on one of her ever increasing extra-curricular activities independent from us.

That being the case we want her to have devices that meet her requirements but at the same time won’t break the bank. The obvious choice here is Android. For a little under $90 we can furnish her with a reliable tablet and phone. It makes replacing them more palatable if they’re lost, stolen or broken.

So, how difficult is it to support her on a different platform than her mother and I use? Not at all. She’s become a whiz at the interface. I don’t think she’s asked me a single question about how to use or do something. The features meet all of her requirements and she’s found additional apps to keep her entertained when she isn’t strictly using the devices for their necessary purposes (she does extra chores to earn this privilege).

I’m happy with the decision even if it means I’m raising a generation that will think I’m old fashioned for using an iPhone.

Question: Is your household a split platform household? What challenges has that presented?

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