Today I began the construction of my first mobile application using Xamarin and Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition.

The purpose of the app is to be a niche networking app for writers.  The functional feature I have identified so far consist of:

– View a list of markets that publish writing.
– View the details of a specific market by selecting it from the list of markets.
– Create character names and biographies.
– Create plot titles and synopses.
– View the list of characters created
– View the list of plots created
– Request support via email

I setup the shell of the application by creating an empty solution and adding an Android project to it.  I then added an empty List Market activity to the application and a button on the main activity to launch it.

Next I added a button to request support via email on the main activity.

Tests of both buttons proved successful.

Tomorrow I will begin work on the domain class libraries and storage of data for offline use.

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