Today I extended the application I began building yesterday.  For local data storage I have settled on SQLite.  It will act as the local data repository and will be synched with the server database, most likely SQL server.

I implemented several class objects including:market, character, and plot.  The SQLite ORM allows these objects to connect directly to the data store for inserts, updates and deletes.

I stubbed in a routine to fill default market records into the db if no data currently exists in the markets table.  This will allow a first time used to see market listings when they launch the app for the first time even if they are offline.

I plan on implementing a web service to allow the app to download a current market list when the user goes online.  It will need to detect new markets since the last time it synchronized as well as updates and deletes since that time.  I’m thinking of emulating a service bus model to replay the collection of events since the last synch against the local db when the user syncs the app.

I am also not sure which hosting provider I will use to house the web service I will build.

Done for the night.

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