So, today I started a quest for a healthier me.  I am going cold turkey off of sugar filled drinks.  I enlisted the help of my Facebook friends and family to call me out if I don’t post my daily resukts by 8:00 pm each day for the next thirty days.

The thought is I need some support and accountability to acheive the goal I am trying to reach.  Who better to help with that than my friends and family?

This is a test run of sorts.  If it’s a success I have other things I want to try it with.  But for now…  baby steps.

Thanks to everyone in advance for following along and helping out.  I hope I can return the favor some day.

Oh! I almost forgot! How did I do? I am happy to report that I only had black coffee and water to drink today. Success!

Onward to a healthier life.

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