Here’s a quick and easy How To on making your very own stress ball.  Save a few bucks and end up with a great stress reliever/fidget toy to keep on your desk, in your car or anywhere you feel stressed.

Step 1 – Get Some Balloons


Step 2 – Inflate a balloon (to stretch it)


Step 3 – Let the air out of the balloon

Step 4 – Get some flour and a funnel

flour funnel

Step 5 – Fill the balloon with the flour

Step 6 – Tie the balloon


Step 7 – Get a second balloon (to prevent a mess)


Step 8 – Find your scissors and cut the end off of the second balloon


Step 9 – Wrap the first balloon with the second and Viola!


Your DIY Stress Ball is complete and you’ve saved yourself a trip to the store and several dollars.

Make as many as you like and keep them wherever you encounter stressful situations.

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