How to Get Started

If you want to get started with Amazon Web Services you are going to need an account.  Here are the steps to make that happen.

Where is it?

Amazon Web Services, AWS, is available online at  Point your favorite browser to that link and you’re ready to get started.

What do I need to do?

The next step starts with signing into the console.  Click the big orange “Sign In to the Console” button.


This will bring up the login screen.  If you already have an Amazon Account you can use that to sign in and it will become your AWS account as well.  If you’d like to create a new account choose the “I am a new customer” option and click the “Sign in using our secured server” button.


Account Setup

Next you will be prompted to provide some information to use with your account including: your name, your name, your email (twice for good measure), and your password (again twice, just to make sure).


Click the “Create Account” button and you’re done.

Payment Info

Make no mistake.  AWS is a paid service.  Before you can get started you will need to provide a method of payment (AKA credit card).

To add yours click your name in the top right corner and choose the “My Account” option.

Click the “Payment Methods” link in the left side list.

Click the “Add a Card” button and fill in your information.

The end!  You’re up and running with AWS.

In conclusion

What are you going to build?  Post your answer in the comments below and share your vision with the world!

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