Last weekend was a bit of an adventure.  On Saturday night as the family gathered in the den around the TV and their various screens I suddenly got an alert from AVG that my Wifi router had acquired a new MAC address.

“Curious” I thought as I leaped from the couch and snatched all the Ethernet cables from the back of it and pulled the power cord from the wall.

Not wanting to alarm my wife I calmly advised her, “We’ve been hacked!”

Wife: “What?”

Me: “Hacked!  Compromised!  They’ve killed the WiFi!”

Wife: “Fix.  It”

So I did what any reasonable tech geek would do.  I pulled out my old (18 months at least) laptop and a spare Ethernet cable and connected to the WiFi router with an admonition to everyone, “DO NOT CONNECT TO THE INTERNET!”

As I pulled up the admin page for the router I was greeted with text that looked distinctly non-english.  As the only secondary languages I am versed in are C#, Java, and SQL I reasoned that this had not been something of my own doing.

I disconnected the laptop and immediately started a virus scan. I shut down the WiFi router and placed it on the “Shelf of Shame” in my downstairs Gym/Office/Storage room.

Somberly I told my wife, “It’s toast, but Best Buy is open for another fifteen minutes…”

Wife: (no words just eyes, those eyes!)

Me: “Ok, I can go in the morning.”

Wife: (Again with the eyes)

Me: “It’s buy a new one or try to reset this one and hope I don’t miss something.”

Wife: “Fine” (translation: not fine but I will allow it.)

Me: “Ok”


Long story short, we’ve got a new LinkSys AC2600 router.  Much larger throughput and a wider WiFi range.  Best part?  It was on sale!  Fifty dollars off.  Sweet!


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