Week of 1/7/2018

The themes for the past week have included:

  • Sweat
  • Diet
  • Self Educate
  • Change Management
  • Marketing


The new routine for exercise has me committed to 150 minutes per week.  So each week day at 5:00 AM central I’ve been up putting on my running shoes and stepping onto the elliptical trainer for thirty minutes.  I start to break a furious sweat around the twenty-three minute mark.

I have to admit it’s less tedious than the treadmill for some reason but I definitely have to have the tablet tuned in to Netflix or the time just seems to drag on.  I’ve already finished Mind Hunter, Bright (Five Stars folks!) and Black Mirror.  I’ve been trying to get hooked by another series but so far Frontier and Wynonna Earp have failed to reel me in.  Any suggestions on what to watch next?

More sweat to come next week.


Not a new year’s resolution.  This one I’ve been working on since October.  It’s paying off, down sixty-five pounds since the summer.  Still a long way to go but aiming for one to two pounds a week until I hit my goal.

Made sure to really focus on making my own breakfast and lunch this week.  I eat much healthier food going that route than when I zip through a drive through and try to order a salad.

Keeping on the straight and narrow here.  This isn’t a temporary diet, it’s a change to my DIET and lifestyle.

Self Educate

With a one hour commute one way to work I’ve got plenty of time to listen to audio books and podcasts.  I use those opportunities to up my skill level in the things I don’t quite have a comfortable mastery of yet.

One of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.  His Podcast is focused on helping with building and marketing of an online business.  Last week he just reached episode 300 of the SPI podcast.  In it one of the books discussed was The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, described as a how to on getting to the work your a “Genius” at doing.

From the passion in the discussion I could tell this wasn’t just a product placement but a book that truly had an impact.  So, with audible credit burning a hole in my pocket, I added it to my library.  Well worth the digital price of admission folks.

I’ll do a full on review of it later in the week when I’ve finished it but so far I really like it.  It’s one of those books that helps change your perspective on things.  Really a, “Can’t Unsee!” moment.

Jackpot on this one.

Change Management

So I have become the lone crusader for change management in my work life.  This week was week four of the implementation of a formal Change Approval Board and it was the most productive one so far.  We’re getting in the groove of understanding what’s expected of the participants and what needs to happen to get a system change reviewed and approved for deployment.

More people were smiling after the meeting than frowning and I was one of the ones smiling.

This one looks to have positive momentum.


With a training course completed and ready for public consumption it was time for me to improve my marketing skills.  This has traditionally been an area where I have struggled.  Honestly, the worry over marketing has probably stifled me from creating the content and products I’ve wanted to create for a long time.

So I’ve been taking my medicine and figuring out what works for me.  I’m focusing on two goals: increase the readership of this site and build out my email list.  The first one feeds the second.

To build the readership I need to consistently provide good articles here that help people with their technology strategy and proficiency.  So, I’m building out a content calendar and scheduling time to work on producing articles for you on a regular basis.

Beyond the site here I am working on a project for Simple Programmer that will add to my collection of articles there that should help to drive readership here.

With those two building blocks in place, readers who like what I have to say should be happy to sign up for my mailing list to stay up to date on my latest news and information.

That’s all for now

More information to come this week.  Stay tuned!

— Nat

Note: The links in this post are affiliate links.  That means if you click them and make a purchase I am paid a commission for that sale.  That being said I only recommend products and services that I personally use and feel would be of use to you.

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