With the flood of social media into everyone’s lives it’s easy to dismiss a small business website as yesterday’s news.  I mean, come on, everyone’s on social media now right?  Who visits a small business website?

The answer is the customers most likely to be ready to do business to you.  A search for your business in Google means a customer is seeking you out.  They’ve heard of you through word of mouth or a marketing campaign and they are ready to become your customer.

If they can’t find you on the web what impression does that make?

Your small business website doesn’t have to be fancy.  It just needs to have the information that customers are looking for to help them have a conversation with you.

If they can’t contact you they can’t do business with you and if they can’t find your small business website they can’t contact you.

Your job is to make sure you have spot on the web that meets the needs of your customers and potential customers.  Getting online with a small business website is easy.  There are plenty of options to do it yourself and plenty of professionals out there willing to help.  Heck I’m one of them!  (Nat Thompson’s Small Business Website Setup)

The point is, you can have your small business website up and running today if you want to.  It’s a signal to your customers that you are a legitimate business and not just some phantom social media ghost that’s going to disappear on them.

You have to have a small business website if you are going to be successful in communicating with your customers.  Make sure yours is launched today.

What challenges or questions do you have in getting online with your small business website?  Post in the comments below so I can help you find the answers.

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