I’ve listened to Job Escape Plan by Jyotsna Ramachandran numerous times in the last year.  I first selected it as a recommendation from Audible.com (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks) based on my past selections.
At first I was a bit put off by how the narrative translated to audio.  The voice talent just didn’t seem to have a feel for the author’s passion.  Also, in the interview section of the book it was a bot distracting that all of the interviewees were voiced by the same male voice.  I know employing multiple narrators would increase the expense of the book but it would have been a better experience for the listener in my opinion.
Beyond that I have much praise for the content of the book.  It serves multiple purposes for anyone looking for inspiration and motivation to launch their own entrepreneurial project.
Mrs. Ramachandran speaks from a place of experience.  She is an experienced entrepreneur that left the traditional workforce to pursue her own business goals.  She takes the reader through her step by step experience which is motivating to anyone wondering if their is opportunity beyond their current career path.
From this point she pivots into the stories/interviews with other successful digital entrepreneurs.  These interviews cover a broad range of opportunities from blogging, to online courses to mobile applications.  Not every project will be right for every listener but each offers insight into the process and mindset of the entrepreneurs that made them happen.  The listener will gain some valuable insight from these dialogues.
After the interviews the author takes the listener through the resources available to help them devise their own escape plan.  I especially like that the actual interviews with the entrepreneurs in the book are available in video format to listeners that register with the author’s site.  These videos give the interviews more life and nuance than comes through listening to the audio of the book alone.
In all, my best testimonial to this audio book is that I keep returning to it.  It is not one that I listened to once and have left to gather digital dust on my shelf.  I feel that there is more to be gained by listening to it more than once.
Have you read it?  Are you building your own “Job Escape Plan”?  Post your thoughts in the comments below.
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