I’m not sure where I should start with this post.  I’m trying to break through some sort of mental block that keeps distracting me.  I can’t focus enough to land on a particular topic.  That’s why I’m just going a bit free form with this post.

Maybe it will help just to talk about what I am imagining I want to do with this site and this blog.

I’m trying to build something that people will read and find insightful.  Something that helps them in some way.  Maybe it inspires them.  Maybe it instructs them.  I don’t know.  Maybe it changes from day to day.

But what do I get from this?  On the surface?  I get to potentially monetize the content.  It helps me financially?  Go a little deeper though.

I want to  be heard.  More than that I want to be regarded as worth listening to.  I want what I say to live on in others.

What am I leaving behind?  I want it to be intellectual, and spiritual, and inspiring, and intriguing.

Who is it for?  My family?  My friends?  Anyone that happens upon it?

I don’t know.

It’s a struggle.  The struggle is real!

That’s the slogan on my coffee mug, but I find it true.  I find it speaks to me.  Struggle is life.  Overcoming obstacles is life.  Rising to greater and greater challenges is life.  If the struggle ends life ends.

Profound?  Maybe not.  I’m just shaking the cobwebs off of my writer’s brain.  Cleaning out the cabinets of old junk.  Tossing out the piles of mental clutter that have built up.

The words are flowing a little more freely now.  I’m in a stream.  The outside distractions are less sharp.  The world that is not this stream of consciousness has faded a bit.  I’m enjoying the creative flow.

I want to feel this creative freedom more regularly.  I want to step into a world of my creation at regular intervals.  I want to communicate in the medium I am most strong.

Words!  Words have always been the way I make myself understood.  I consider myself eloquent.  I feel I speak well, but I feel I write even better.

My thoughts organize themselves more cleanly when I put them down on the page.  I don’t trip over my thoughts when I express myself with written words.  The essay is my strong suit.  It is my favorite form of writing.

Just write!

That’s what the muse says to me.  That’s the activity that energizes me.  That is the way I create in this world and bring my own interpretations to life.

Just write!

Can it be that simple?  I think it is.  The words are my currency, my most valuable contribution.  They spring from a well within me that seems bottomless.

Just write!

It can be that simple, that joyful, that spectacular.

Just write!


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