Why Get Certified?

PMP Certified Project Managers receive 20% higher salaries on average than their non-certified peers. This is likely the number one incentive in driving you to get your PMP Certification.

This series of Articles is intended to walk you through the process of preparing for and earning your PMP certification. All of the Articles can be accessed via my PMP Certification Planning page.

One to One PMP Certification Coaching

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Certification Prerequisites

Before applying to become PMP Certified through the Project Management Institute, PMI you must meet certain prerequisites of education, experience and training. This article will walk you through those prerequisites and offer some strategies if you do not currently meet them.


There are two levels of education that PMI will accept for PMP certification. They determine the amount of project management experience you must have in order to become PMP certified.

Level One: Secondary Degree (High School Diploma, Associate’s Degree, or Global Equivalent.

Level Two: Four Year Degree


Depending on your level of education, you are required to have accrued a certain number of hours of documented, hands on project management experience to achieve PMP certification.

If you have a secondary degree as described above you will need to complete 7,500 hours of project management experience or roughly the equivalent of 3.75 years of experience.

If you have a four year degree the experience requirement is 4,500 hours, or 2.25 years of experience.


Regardless of your education level you must complete thirty-five hours of project management training in order to become PMP certified. The typical approach to education is in person, class room training but this training may also be achieved through online training.


If you do not meet the requirements for PMP certification PMI offers the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) as an entry level project management certification.


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