Why Complete an AWS Tutorial?

The demand for skilled, competent AWS engineers is on the rise.  Right now there are not enough to go around.  This means getting in on the ground floor with a chance to earn a higher paycheck.  This Amazon Web Services Tutorial (AWS Tutorial) email course will get you started on your way to new opportunities.

AWS is leading the way in cloud based infrastructure and services for businesses of all sizes.  Solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and large corporations are shifting their technology strategy to AWS.  The potential cost savings, speed to market and reliability gains that come from AWS mean distinct advantages for the businesses that operate on the platform.  You can be the answer to the question, “Who knows how to manage our technology?”

What will I learn in this Amazon Web Services Tutorial?

To build the knowledge you need to get into the AWS race will take work but it isn’t prohibitive.  This email course will take you through the essentials to get off to a running start with AWS.

The topics covered in the Amazon Web Services tutorial include:

  • IAM – Identity and Access Management, the foundation of AWS security
  • EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud, the ability to create and manage virtual servers in the cloud
  • Route 53 – Domain Name Service, DNS, management in the cloud with AWS
  • VPC – Virtual Private Cloud, Constructing full scale, secure networks in the cloud
  • RDS – Relational Database Services, build databases to support your applications as your usage grows
  • EFS – Elastic File System, cloud based storage designed to let you only pay for the storage that you need
  • Auto Scaling – grow your systems when demand is high and let them shrink when demand is low, cost effective computing
  • ELB – Elastic Load Balancing, make sure your systems perform well regardless of the load placed on them

In this Amazon Web Services Tutorial course you’re going to learn the secret to reducing the cost of technology in business so you can provide immediate value to the bottom line. 

Your employers will rest easier knowing that their technology is built on a solid platform that other companies, large and small, rely on for their infrastructure.  You’re going to position your yourself for future growth by sharpening your ability to take advantage of new services from AWS and easily integrate existing services with them when they arrive.

All of this is included in this free AWS tutorial email course.  Just fill out the information below and you’ll start receiving the course lessons in your email inbox.

Don’t wait!  There are thousands of others getting started with their AWS training right now.  Be one of the first to learn these new skills and get ahead of the curve.  Sign up for this free course now!

— Nat

PS – If you want to get the Entire course without waiting I’ve made this Amazon Web Services Tutorial available as a downloadable e-book. Get your copy today!

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