Did you know that in December 2017 Gartner Estimated that nearly 45% of Cloud solutions Ran on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform...?

It’s true!  The demand for AWS engineers has never been higher. If you are looking for an opportunity to be a sought after, highly compensated technology professional AWS may just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

If you haven’t started exploring the AWS frontier, now’s the time to saddle up and head west.

Why invest in learning a new technology now?

During the gold rush the people that made the most profit sold shovels and other supplies to the miners.  AWS is the ultimate digital shovel.  Learning AWS now sets you up for success in these key ways:

  • Stay Relevant – The WORST thing that can happen to a technology professional today is to be a specialist in an obsolete technology.  All the time and effort invested in learning those skills gone when the technology is no longer in favor.  AWS is on an unprecedented growth path.  Investing in this technology means you have many years to enjoy being an expert in a relevant and needed technology.
  • Leader of the pack – Getting out in front of the others that will be learning AWS gives you the opportunity to set the pace for your organization and become the “Go To” person when it comes to cloud computing.
  • Strike gold! – Supply and demand is kicking in with AWS.  The demand for skilled AWS engineers has already surpassed the supply.  Companies are luring talent with bigger and bigger paychecks.  Having the “skills” does more than “Pay the Bills” these days. 

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