professional-code-reviewsWho We Are

Let’s face it.  No coder is perfect.  Even if you repeatedly go over your code time and time again something is bound to slip through the cracks.  This is why code reviews are critical to creating outstanding code.

But what if your organization doesn’t have what you need to successfully implement code reviews?  Maybe you are the only developer or maybe you’re the most senior developer and no one else has the qualifications to review your code.  What then?

That’s where my team comes in.  We are veteran coders each with multiple decades of programming experience.  You can be confident that we review your code with fresh eyes and practical “in the trenches” expertise.  You will receive the feedback you need to ensure your code is as good as it can possibly be.

How We Work

We utilize Git Hub for you to share your code with us.  This allows you to provide us access only to the components you need help with and keep the rest of your source private.  We’ll review your code and provide edits in Git as well as a summary document of recommended changes and reasons for those changes.

If you have broader needs we will be happy to work with you to define them and come up with a custom approach to how we can help.

What We Cost

For a basic code review of up to 250 lines of code we charge a standard rate of $60.

Get Started

To get started with our code review service please use the PayPal buttons below to purchase the number of code blocks you need to have reviewed.  We will contact you via the email you provide to setup access to your code via Git Hub and begin the review process.

Don’t wait!  Let’s get started today building better code.

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