Setting up a docking station as a home base for your small business laptop isn’t painful or very time consuming.  However, the current hardware is always changing.  This page outlines my most current recommendations for what you need to get up and running and where to find them.


Go big or go home.  I don’t know of anyone that has ever had too big of a monitor.  I recommend getting the largest size monitor that fits in your work space.  There is an argument for multiple monitors and I do work with that arrangement in some situations but there’s nothing like a 32″ or larger screen for productivity and preventing eye strain.

My recommendation is the monitor that I currently use, an LG 32″.  It comes with software that lets you segment your screen and snap windows to those segments.

You can get it from here ->

Be sure to pick up an HDMI cable to connect the monitor to your laptop ->

Keyboard and mouse

A wireless keyboard is my personal preference to limit the clutter on my desk.  It will usually require you to add a wifi connector to one of your laptop’s USB ports, but that would be a requirement of a wired keyboard as well.  It will also let you connect a wireless mouse without taking up another USB port.

You can avoid the connector if you go with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse but you’re going to add some cost to your purchase.

Select a laptop with multiple USB ports and you should be fine.

My recommendation is the Logitech MK520 keyboard and mouse combination.

This setup comes with quick access keys to volume control, power, email and web search.  The keys have a nice feel to them as well so you get good feedback when typing.


For conference calling with Skype, Goto Meeting, or WebEx you are going to want a quality headset.  Wireless options exist but I still get spotty performance from time to time with them cutting in and out in the middle of a call.  I still recommend going with a wired headset option.  My personal favorite is the Logitech USB Headset H390.

It has a noise cancelling microphone that makes you sound great.  The inline mute button has a lapel clip on the back that makes it easy to attach to your shirt so you’re not fumbling trying to find it when the background noise on your end gets too high.


With this equipment you’ll be setup with a well performing docking station for your small business laptop.  You’ll have a comfortable and convenient workstation to call home when you are ready to get down to some serious work.

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