Where to Register your Domain for your new Website

The first step in launching a successful website for your business or organization is finding and registering a domain with a Domain Registrar.  There are plenty available to choose from.  This list gives you the details on those we've used and can speak to as ones that can be relied upon to deliver the service you need.


Bluehost provides reliable and easy to use domain registration.  It's especially easy if you are using Bluehost to host your website and email.  I use Bluehost for my own domain registration and that of my clients.

Prices start at $11.99 annually for .com addresses.


GoDaddy was my first domain registrar.  I've since migrated from GoDaddy but it still provides a low cost, simple to use resource for registering domains.  Prices for .com addresses start at $11.99 but GoDaddy often runs sales and offers discounts for multiple year registrations.


Amazon has some of the most robust tools for registering and administering your website domain via their Route 53 service.  If you're new to websites this can be intimidating.  However, the service is fast and reliable.  If you have an interest in cloud based services this can be a great introduction.

Domain pricing is $12 per year for standard domains with premium domains running a little higher.

Notice of Affiliation

Some of the links above are affiliate links.  That means if you use them and make a purchase I receive an affiliate commission.  That being said, I only recommend services that I have personally used and feel will be valuable to you and your business.

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