Resume Getting Zero Attention?

I can tell you the problem in fifteen minutes.

As a manager since 2005 I have been hiring professionals to work on my teams.  That means I’ve seen resumes.  LOTS of resumes.

I rarely see a resume that does much to get my attention.  Most typically read like a menu selection at a very bland diner.  There’s no spice!


The bad news is your resume probably falls into this category.  The GOOD news is that it probably wouldn’t take much to really make your resume shine!

Find out why your resume is putting managers to sleep...

Managers are busy.  And easily distracted.  And easily bored.

If you are going to get their attention and get them to call you back you have to avoid being just another cookie cutter applicant that zips across their desk without a second look.


You’ve probably learned how to write a resume the same way everyone else has.

So how do you know what you need to change?  

…That’s where I come in.

Having a Hiring Manager Review your resume... It's just smart

Put your resume through a first pass with me, a real HIRING MANAGER to make sure it passes the cookie cutter test.  Don’t let the first time a manager sees your resume be when you’ve submitted it as a job applicant.

You won’t know why you never got the call back.  With me, you’ll get all the feedback you need to make your resume stand out from the crowd and start getting those interviews you’ve been after.

Let’s get started now!


Nat Thompson