Prerequisites for PMP Certification cover three areas: Degree, Hours of Experience, and Project Management Education. PMPs hold the most recognized certification available from the Project Management Institute, PMI.

Degree Prerequisites for PMP Certification

PMP certification has specific degree requirements. Either a high school diploma, associates degree, or a four year degree meet the requirements.  In the US, a Graduation Equivalency Diploma meets the requirement for a High School Diploma. 

However, the PMI may change this at their discretion. Always refer to the PMI site for the latest position on this requirement.

The type of degree held determines your Hours of Experience requirement.

Hours of Experience Prerequisite for PMP Certification

Without a four year degree you must document 7,500 hours of leading or directing projects. Otherwise, you are required to document 4,500 hours of experience .

However, hours of experience may only be accumulated on one project at a time. That means if you manage two projects you may only apply hours from one of the towards the requirement.

Project Management Education Prerequisites for PMP Certification

The PMP requires thirty-five hours of Project Management Education a a prerequisite for PMP Certification. Several resources provide this education. offers Project management training courses for free that you can take online. Additionally, private instructors also offer project management training. Instructors offer training either online or in person.

Ask your company if they will reimburse you for project management training. Most companies see PMP certification as an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Next Steps

Once you have met all of the prerequisites for PMP certification you are ready to begin the application process. Undeniably, this can be a confusing undertaking. So, if you would like assistance and motivation through the process I offer PMP Certification Coaching.

The coaching consists of eight thirty minute sessions each week for two months. Total price for all eight sessions is $750.

if you have questions contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

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