If you are like me you learn by doing. HTML5 is no exception. If you really want to become proficient within you will begin with online HTML5 tutorials. These are typically free, provide working examples, and give you experience with the pieces of HTML 5 in bite sized chunks.

I’ve used several HTML5 tutorials to sharpen my skills and stay up to date on the technology. I’ve collected the top five that I found the most useful. They are provided here along with a summary of my experience with them. I hope you find these HTML5 Tutorials as useful as I have.

W3 Schools HTML Introduction – This HTML5 tutorial will get you off to a great start. It begins with basic concepts and each lesson builds on the last. You can take the content at your own pace so you can get a thorough understanding of it.

Four Part HTML5 Tutorial on Local Storage – One of the biggest new features of HTML5 is local storage. This tutorial takes you through it step by step. By the end you will be well versed in the subject and ready to tackle it in your own applications.

Beginner’s Guide to Application Cache HTML5 Tutorial – With HTML5 it is now possible to allow your users to work with your application even when they are offline. This means less downtime for them and more satisfaction with your site. This tutorial will get you started in providing your users with a site they can use no matter their connectivity status.

Canvas HTML5 Tutorial – The Canvas feature of HTML5 opens up a whole new world of expression to the web developer. New graphic capabilities and animations are now available natively to developers without depending on external technologies like Flash. This tutorial gives you the groundwork you need to get started developing canvas based applications for the web.

Geolocation HTML5 Tutorial – Having the ability to recognize your user’s location is a powerful feature of HTML5. This tutorial at W3 Schools gets you started on learning how to use this feature. In no time you will be building location aware applications with HTML5.

Those are the top five HTML5 Tutorials I recommend. There are many more out there but these will give you a solid starting point to build from.


Question: What are some of your favorite HTML5 Tutorials?

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