DevOps Expertise

Software delivery doesn’t stop when coding ends.  A healthy build with fully fleshed out continuous integration and delivery is key to insuring quality software reaches end users.  DevOps provides the ingrained practices necessary to complete the software delivery loop.

Each organization faces unique circumstances when it comes to delivering software.  My expertise allows me to quickly evaluate your scenario and offer a solution that is cost effective and strategic.  It won’t break your budget and it will help reduce strain on your team’s capacity.  Best of all, it will grow with you as your needs evolve over time.  You’re not boxed in to a solution so you won’t have to re-engineer what you’ve built six months or a year down the road.


To start, I offer a free thirty minute needs analysis via Skype or GotoMeeting.  From there we’ll determine the next steps.  Contact me to get started.

If you have a specific problem to resolve, I offer one on one consulting.  A one hour consulting sessions are priced at $150.  Book your consulting session.

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