Step by Step Planning to achieve PMP Certification.

My strategy for Project Managers seeking their PMP Certification. These articles are intended to walk you through the process step by step. My goal is to provide a clear path with precise instructions that will take you from where you are to PMP certification in under six months.

If you would like personal coaching through the process I make that available as well, but I only take on a few clients per month. To see if you would be a good fit for my coaching program I offer a half hour consulting session to evaluate your readiness.

At the end of this session, regardless of whether or not you are ready for my services, I will provide you with a customized strategy for the next steps in your preparation. This strategy will take you to the next phase of your PMP Certification journey.

Please use my online calendar to book your PMP certification consulting session with me today!

PMP Certification Planning Articles

How to Get Your PMP Certification – Prerequisites – An overview of what is needed before you apply for your PMP certification. Find out if you meet the standards set forth by PMI to begin the PMP certification process.

PMP Certification Updates

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