If you had a store, a store that told the world you were in business, the front of it would be your greatest opportunity to make a first impression.  The one and only time you got to introduce yourself to customers with no preconceived notions.

What if, when those customers arrived at your store all of the windows were broken?  What would they think? Especially if you were inside, conducting business as usual without seeming to care about the shattered glass.

Would they ask about it?  What would your answer to them be?

What about in the digital world?  What about your website?

I see more businesses with shattered front window websites than you would believe.  Some have errors.  Some are just generic parking pages from a domain host.  Some can’t even be found at all, and yet, their addresses are on public display on social media and in email signatures.

Why would you direct your customers to something that was going to give them a negative impression of you and your business?  Better to exclude the address altogether and have customers contact you on the phone or through email than arrive at your website and see broken windows.

It doesn’t take much to fix.  In a matter of hours and for a few dollars you could have a simple static website up and running bright, shiny and new.

If you need a hand in getting started read How to Start a Website.  It will help if you like to do things yourself.  If you like help read Affordable Website Design – Done For You Website Setup it will show you the way without a DIY approach.

Do you have any broken windows?

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